kursy i warsztaty mindfulness


Mindfulness Online Training – ENG



  • 5 weeks, 2 yogi teachers;

  • individual approach;

  • 1700 PLN is around 400 EUR.


Mindfulness based open awareness training.


*you can translate hole website by plug-in in the footage.





5 weeks mindfulness intensive training- online!


We are happy to introduce practical mindfulness online training, lead by two Yogis. It’s not MBSR, MBLC, MBCT, MBCC, ACT, DBT, MBRP or similar program. It’s unique training based on the true open awareness.

~Tomek & Marcin





During 5 weeks in 15 hours workshops you will work with Marcin on Dhamma Talks  (90 minutes each Saturdays 11 am. CET) and Tomek on theoretical lectures and guided meditation sessions (2 hours each Tuesday 6 pm. CET).




General workshops structure:


Week 1 – stay in home and relax

  • introduction in to mindfulness,
  • what is formal and informal practice,
  • Samatha vs. Vipassana,
  • guided mindfulness meditation.


Week 2 – sit comfy in park or home

  • what is grounding,
  • guided grounding meditation,
  • thoughts and emotions,
  • guided mindfulness meditation.


Week 3 – let’s go for a walk

  • everyday practice tips&tricks,
  • guided mindfulness mediation,
  • here & now,
  • guided walking meditation.


Week 4 – find quite place for emptiness

  • what is emptiness,
  • guided emptiness meditation
  • power of thoughts and intentions,
  • guided compassion meditation.


Week 5 – summary

  • summary of perspectives,
  • meditation methods summary,
  • open Yogis discussion.






Dates and hours

  • ask us, when starts next training!


Other informations

  • we will meet on zoom or similar platform (you will get all details via email);
  • you will be guided theoretical and practical during 5 weeks;
  • you will get access to online theory resources;
  • you will get Certificate after training is completed (check here)



These course is practical mindfulness training – so you will get tools – that will help you open awareness.




    *you can translate hole website by plug-in in the footage.